PA-7000 Series Firewall LFC Requirements

Learn about the Log Forwarding Card (LFC) system and hardware requirements.
The following information describes the system and hardware requirements for upgrading to the Log Forwarding Card (LFC).
If you install the Switch Management Card (SMC-B), Log Forwarding Card (LFC), or PA-7000 100G NPC in a PA-7050 firewall, you must install the second-generation fan trays (PA-7050-FANTRAY-L-A and PA-7050-FANTRAY-R-A). If you install these cards in a PA-7080 firewall, you must also install the electromagnetic interference (EMI) filter. You do not have to install these components if the last five digits of the firewall serial number is 10,000 or greater because the PA-7050 will have the second-generation fan trays installed and the PA-7080 will have a built-in EMI filter.
  • PAN-OS 9.0 or later.
  • Remove the Log Processing Card (LPC) before you install the Log Forwarding Card (LFC).
  • (
    PA-7050 only
    ) Install the second-generation fan tray to increase cooling capacity. The Replace a PA-7050 Fan Tray topic shows how to install a fan tray.
  • Replace the first-generation SMC (PA-7050-SMC or PA-7080-SMC) with the second-generation SMC (PA-7050-SMC-B or PA-7080-SMC-B).
    The LFC is only compatible with the SMC-B.
  • (PA-7080 only) Install the PA-7080 Firewall EMI Filter to reduce electromagnetic interference.

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