Replace a PA-7050 AC Power Supply

  1. Put the provided ESD wrist strap on your wrist ensuring that the metal contact is touching your skin. Then attach (snap) one end of the ground cable to the wrist strap and remove the alligator clip from the banana clip on the other end of the ESD grounding cable. Plug the banana clip end into one of the ESD ports located on the front of the chassis before handling ESD sensitive hardware. For details on the ESD port location, see PA-7050 Front Panel (AC).
  2. Locate the failed power supply by viewing the system logs or by viewing the LED on the front of the power supply. A red LED indicates a failed power supply. For details on the power supply LEDs, see Interpret the PA-7000 Series Firewall Power Supply LEDs.
  3. Power off the failed power supply; the switch is on the back of the chassis. Then unplug and remove the power cord (leaving the cord in place can cause arcing inside the chassis).
    The front power supplies correspond directly to the power connection on the back of the chassis. For example, if you are facing the front of a PA-7050 chassis, the power supply on the far left corresponds to the switch and cord located on the far right when facing the back of the chassis.
  4. Loosen the power supply thumb screw located at the top left of the power supply.
  5. Pull the power supply ejector handle out and down from the top center of the power supply to disengage it from the chassis and then slide the power supply out of the chassis using the handle.
  6. Remove the replacement power supply from the packaging and open the front ejector handle until it is fully open.
  7. Slide the new power supply into the empty power supply slot until it is almost fully seated. Ensure that the notch near the hinged part of the ejector handle lines up with the chassis, so that you can close the handle and properly seat the power supply.
  8. Tighten the upper left thumb screw on the power supply to secure the power supply.
  9. Plug the power cable into the corresponding AC power module on the back of the chassis and turn on the power switch. The new power supply turns on and the LED will turn green.

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