Replace a PA-7000 Series Firewall Air Filter

The air filter is a critical part of the chassis cooling system that ensures that air entering the chassis does not contain debris. We recommend that you replace the first-generation filter every six months or less, depending on the environment where the firewall is located, to prevent a scenario where there is not enough air passing through the filters to keep the firewall from overheating. Second-generation air filters might require more frequent replacement.
The firewall does not generate a system log indicating that an air filter has been removed or that it needs to be replaced. Therefore, in addition to replacing the filter every six months (or as needed), you need to schedule regular inspections and ensure that the filters do not clog sooner than when they are due to be replaced. Do not attempt to clean and reuse a filter.
You can purchase replacement air filters from Palo Alto Networks or an authorized reseller. The following lists the air filter order numbers:
  • PA-7050 air filter
    —PAN-PA-7050-FLTR (two pull handles)
  • PA-7050-FANTRAY-R-A air filter
    —PAN-PA-7050-FLTR-A (two screws)
  • PA-7080 air filter
    —PAN-PA-7080-FLTR (one pull handle)
  1. Remove the air filter.
    The PA-7080 firewall has one type of air filter and the PA-7050 firewall has two types of air filters as follows:
    • PA-7050 chassis air filter
      —Installed in the chassis on the right (while facing the front of the firewall) of the PA-7050-FAN. To remove, grasp the air filter handle(s) and gently pull the air filter out to unsnap it from the mount point (ball joint) located at the back of the filter and then pull the air filter out of the chassis.
    • PA-7050-FANTRAY-R-A air filter
      —Installed in the right fan tray (while facing the front of the firewall). To remove, turn the two air filter screws counter-clockwise until loose and then pull the air filter out of the fan tray. You do not have to remove the fan tray to replace the air filter.
  2. Slide the new filter into the chassis (see images below), ensuring that the filter is aligned with the slide rails and that it is facing the correct position (the grid side of the filter faces the center of the chassis).
  3. Push the filter in until the rear ball joint(s) snap into place. If you are installing a PA-7050-FANTRAY-R-A air filter, turn the air filter screws clockwise until tight.
    PA-7050 Chassis Air Filter
    PA-7050 FANTRAY-R-A Air Filter
    PA-7080 Air Filter

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