Create a High-Bandwidth Network Using Multiple Service Connections

Create a high-bandwidth network for a headquarters or data center location using multiple service connection.
If you have a headquarters or data center location that requires additional service connection bandwidth, you can configure multiple service connections to that location.
Each Prisma Access service connection is not bandwidth capped, but Palo Alto Networks expects that each service connection can provide approximately 1 Gbps of throughput. While this bandwidth is usually sufficient to access internal resources in a headquarters or data center location, you might have a deployment that requires additional bandwidth; for example, if you are hosting an internal or private SaaS application in a data center.
To create a high-bandwidth service connection to a headquarters or data center site, you onboard the site using multiple service connections to the same Prisma Access location. The following diagram shows a Prisma Access remote network deployment with a headquarters or data center site that has two service connections from the same Prisma Access location, effectively providing 2 Gbps of bandwidth between the site and the Prisma Access location.
In addition to the service connections being deployed for high-bandwidth access, the diagram shows another set of service connections. These service connections provide normal routing functions for Prisma Access (in this diagram, they provide internal routing access between the remote network connections and the high-bandwidth service connections). Palo Alto Networks recommends that, when you deploy a high-bandwidth connection, you reserve service connections to provide access to the resource in the headquarters or data center location only, and deploy additional service connections to use for internal routing between remote networks, mobile users, and the resources in the data center.
Each service connection is active and has its own
Service IP Address
; you use that address to terminate the IPSec tunnel for each service connection. Prisma Access does not limit the maximum number of service connections you can onboard to a single headquarters or data center remote network location.
While each service connection provides approximately 1 Gbps of throughput, the actual throughput is dependent on several factors, including:
  • Traffic mix (for example, frame size)
  • Latency and packet loss between the service connection and the headquarters location or data center
  • Service provider performance limits
  • Customer termination device performance limits
  • Other customer data center traffic

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