View Flows Tab

tab displays a snapshot of the last 1000 flows for the selected time range.
  1. Navigate to the
    tab from the Prisma SD-WAN web interface to view flows for a selected site or an application.
    chart displays the last 1000 flows for the selected time range, which can be up to one hour. You can filter flows for individual applications, devices, paths, and WANs. Sort the data by any of the columns displayed in the flow browser table.
  2. Click any flow to view detailed information on the attributes of the flow.
    • Flow decision bitmap.
    • Source and Destination IP and Port.
    • Application Name, category, information on the parent application and the transaction type.
    • Path and Priority policy set-specific information, such as policy set, policy rule, source, destination prefix, network context, and the priority class. The Path and QoS policy rule name lets you navigate to the edit screen of that rule where you can view and edit the rule.
    • Security information like the Security Policy rule applied, zone the flow originated and terminated in, and the action applied.
    • Flow characteristics such as direction, start time, last activity time, and information on a new flow.
    • TCP session metrics like SYN, RST, FIN, transaction-related metrics like SACK, OOO packets, and retransmit bytes and packets.
    • Application Performance metrics like SRT and RTT.
  3. Hover over the
    Flow Decision Bitmap
    to see the detailed decisions taken for a flow as it was processed.
  4. Click
    Advanced Info
    under a flow record to see the
    Flow Decision Data
    Flow Decision Data
    , in addition to
    Flow Decision Bitmap
    , provides detailed information on path evaluations made as the flow was processed.

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