Configure a Static Route

You can configure a static route for a branch site or a data center site.
  1. Select
    Claimed Devices
    Select a Device
    Configure the device
  2. Click
    +Static Route
    to create a new static route.
  3. Enter an IPV4 next hop
    Destination Prefix
  4. (Optional)
    NextHop Reachability Probe
    for the device to probe the next hop.
    By enabling the NextHop reachability probe, the device checks if the next hop configured on the static route is reachable via ICMP probes.
  5. Toggle
    • If scope is local, the device does not advertise the route to other sites.
    • If scope is global, the device advertises the route to other sites.
    When you configure a global static route, the device advertises the destination IP/prefix to other sites automatically.
  6. Enter the next hop
    IP Address
    for the traffic.
  7. Enter the
    Admin Distance
    for this specific route.
    The default value for Admin Distance is 1.
    • To configure a list of next hops, specify the IP address with the administrative distance for the next hop, or specify the interface. The reachability check for the next hop is performed through Address Resolution Protocol (ARP).
    • When you specify more than one next hop with different administrative (admin) distances, the device prefers a next hop with a lower admin distance over that with a higher admin distance.
    • When you specify more than one next hop with the same admin distance, and they are all reachable, the device forwards traffic to only one of the next hops.
    • When a next hop fails, alternate next hops if available, will be used for new and existing flows to the destination prefixes. When the last next hop to a set of prefixes fails, existing and new flows will be dropped.
    • Flows dropped due to a next hop being unreachable are indicated in the analytics charts.
  8. Select an
    You can select an interface on the ION device with a defined IP address or a bypass pair interface that contains attached LAN networks, since these interfaces can forward packets to a next hop. When you specify an interface without a gateway as the next hop, the device generates an ARP entry for the destination IP directly on the specified interface.
    You may configure either a next hop IP address or an interface, but not both.
  9. For
    , select
    to indicate that traffic is destined for the ION device.
    By default,
    is set to
  10. Enter a name and optionally enter tags and description for the static route and

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