Bind NAT Pools to Interfaces

Pools can be attached or bound to individual interfaces at the device-level. You may bind NAT Pools to interfaces from the Prisma SD-WAN web interface.
  1. Select
    Stacked Policies
    , and then click
    NAT Pools
  2. From the ellipsis menu for a NAT pool, select
    View Interface Bindings
    to view attached interfaces.
  3. Click
    Bind Interface
    to bind a new interface to the NAT pool.
  4. From the
    drop-down, select an ION device. From the
    drop-down, select an available interface.
  5. For
    IP Ranges
    , enter a start IP address and an end IP address.
  6. Click
    Add Range
    to include additional IP address ranges, if needed.
    A maximum of four IP ranges can be added per device per interface for a NAT pool.
  7. Click
    You may bind a maximum of 64 NAT pools to an interface. You may also add NAT Pools from the
    tab by clicking
    Add Entry
    NAT Pools

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