Prisma SD-WAN Application Fabric includes an in-built security solution called the Zone-Based Firewall (ZBFW).
The zone-based firewall (ZBFW) is designed to create, manage, and enforce security policies and propagate those policies to all branch sites without using fragmented rules or managing security at an individual device-level. It is a lightweight security solution for securing the WAN perimeter and segmenting traffic within a branch site.
  • Securing the Perimeter
    —ION hardware and virtual devices include an application-aware, stateful, zone-based firewall to protect internet connections in the remote office. With the ION device, application-aware policies are defined that specify what is allowed into and out of the remote location, giving the administrator explicit control to secure the perimeter. Additionally, AppFabric is centrally managed through the cloud-delivered and deploys hardware, software, and storage to support the management and monitoring infrastructure.
  • Segment Traffic in the Branch
    —Prisma SD-WAN uses the concept of zones and prefix filters within ZBFW rules to isolate and segment traffic in the branch.
  • Prepare to Configure ZBFW
    —To prepare for securing the network, conduct preliminary planning and evaluation of your environment.

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