Configure IP Directed Broadcast

Let us learn to configure IP directed broadcast.
Traffic from remote networks can be broadcast over LAN networks through Layer 3 LAN interfaces. Traffic can be broadcast for a subnet connected to an interface through the broadcast address of that subnet.
IP directed broadcast is supported on an ION device as follows:
  • Incoming interface—Prisma SD-WAN VPN (Private or Public from a branch site or a data center site)
  • Outgoing interface—Layer 3 LAN interface
IP Directed Broadcast is not supported if:
  • A Zone-Based Policy Firewall (ZBFW) is in use for non-UDP traffic.
  • NAT is applied on the Layer 3 LAN interface.
  1. From
    Claimed Devices
    , select a device.
  2. From the ellipsis menu, select
    Configure a device
  3. Navigate to
    , and select a port for configuring IP directed broadcast.
  4. For
    Use This Port For
    , select
  5. For
    , select
  6. For the
    IP Address Mask
    field, enter a subnet address.
  7. For
    Directed Broadcast
    , select
    to enable.
    The Direct Broadcast is disabled by default.
  8. Save Port
  9. Navigate to
    to check responses to an IP directed broadcast.

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