Configure WAN/LAN Ports

Let us learn to configure WAN/LAN ports.
  1. Select WAN/LAN as a port pair.
  2. To enable the interface, for
    Admin Up
    , select
  3. (Optional)
    Enter a description.
  4. Interface Type
    displays the selected WAN/LAN bypass pair.
  5. For
    Hardware Relay – Fail to Wire
    , select
    to get fail-to-wire functionality.
  6. For
    Use These Ports For
    , select
    Private WAN
  7. For
    Circuit Label
    , select the circuit label that corresponds to your private WAN connection for this site.
  8. For
    Attached Networks
    , enter the router’s VLAN ID and IP address.
    You may enter multiple VLAN IDs and IP addresses.
    1. Select
      Network Context
      if this is a subnet and you would like to segment one subnet for which you would like to define a separate policy. For example, guest Wi-Fi.
    2. Select
      Select Local when defining an IP subnet that is not advertised to any other site.
      Select Global when defining an IP subnet that is advertised to every Prisma SD-WAN site.
      Prisma SD-WAN does not control traffic if a prefix/subnet is not defined on the ION device.
  9. Save Bypass Pair
  10. Optionally configure Routing, SNMP Config, Syslog Export, and NTP Client.
  11. Click

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