Add a Standard VPN Endpoint

A service endpoint is a label representing a specific location or network service. It can be Prisma SD-WAN data centers for transit services or third-party data centers.
  1. Login to the Prisma SD-WAN web interface.
  2. Navigate to
    Stacked Policies
    Service & DC Groups
  3. Select
    to a service endpoint.
  4. Select
    Standard VPN
    from the drop-down and click
    Add Endpoint
    All Palo Alto Networks data center sites are automatically added when
    Admin Up
    is selected, which means that it can accept traffic per network policy. These endpoints cannot be deleted from the list. You can clear the
    Admin Up
    selection to remove the endpoints from consideration when the system performs path selection per the defined network policy rules.
  5. Enter a
    , and optionally, a
    for the service endpoint.
  6. Select
    Admin Up
    to bring it up.
    If you do not select
    Admin Up
    , the endpoint is not used in path selection for forwarding traffic.
  7. (Optional)
    Allow Enterprise Traffic
    to explicitly allow enterprise traffic to transit through the cloud security service.
  8. (Optional)
    of the endpoint location.
  9. (Optional)
    Add values for the
    IPs & Hostnames
  10. (Optional)
    Liveliness Probe
    information for liveliness probing.
    For ICMP PING, enter values for probing interval, failure count and IP address. For HTTP, enter values for probing interval, failure count, HTTP status codes, and URL.
  11. Save & Exit
    the Endpoints dialog.
    After adding the endpoints, proceed to add groups and add domains.

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