Tenant Types

Prisma SD-WAN tenant types.
There are different tenant types within the Prisma SD-WAN MSP environment.
Prisma SD-WAN Support Tenant
—is an MSP tenant that Palo Alto Networks Operations and Support teams use to allocate MSP and child tenant(s) devices.
MSP Tenant
—is a tenant in the Prisma SD-WAN environment that manages networks of other tenants. MSP tenant operators cannot delete tenants. They can only assume a role within the regular tenant they are managing.
Client Tenants
—are tenants who have ION devices assigned and deployed to various sites. One or more MSP tenants can manage these tenants. However, a single device in the child tenant can only be assigned to a single MSP tenant.
The Prisma SD-WAN support and operations teams allocate the devices to an MSP tenant.

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