Configure High Availability (HA) for IPFIX

Prisma SD-WAN supports High Availability (HA) between ION devices by ensuring automatic switchover between active and backup devices, maintaining all services and forwarding paths when an ION device experiences a software, hardware, or network related failure.
To ensure uninterrupted IPFIX exports, replicate the IPFIX configuration on both devices.
  1. Configure interfaces.
    Configure interfaces as per the network topology.
  2. Configure and attach the same IPFIX profile to both the ION devices.
  3. Attach the collector context to both the ION devices.
  4. (Optional)
    If using filters, attach the filter context to both the ION devices.
    After a device switchover, the collector application receives IPFIX records from the new source interface, so this is considered as a new IPFIX session.

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