About URL Filtering

URL filtering is a technology that allows you to control your users’ web access and prevent them from accessing sites known to host malicious content.
Palo Alto Networks URL Filtering protects against web-based threats by giving you a way to safely enable web access while controlling how your users interact with online content.
With URL Filtering enabled, all web traffic (HTTP and HTTPS) on any port is:
  • Compared against the URL filtering database, which contains a listing of millions of websites that have been categorized. You can use these URL categories as a match criteria to enforce security policy. You can also use URL filtering to enforce safe search settings for your users and to prevent credential theft based on URL category.
  • Inspected for phishing and malicious JavaScript using inline machine learning (ML), a firewall-based analysis solution, which can block unknown malicious web pages in real-time.
Although the Palo Alto Networks URL filtering solution, PAN-DB, allows you to choose between the
PAN-DB Public Cloud
and the
PAN-DB Private Cloud
. Use the public cloud solution if the Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls on your network can directly access the Internet. If the network security requirements in your enterprise prohibit the firewalls from directly accessing the Internet, you can deploy a PAN-DB private cloud on one or more M-600 appliances that function as PAN-DB servers within your network.

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