Manage Multiple Tenants in Prisma Access

To allow you to create and manage multiple Prisma Access instances, Prisma Access offers multitenancy, which enables you to create up to 200 instances (tenants) on a single Panorama appliance (or 2 appliances in in high availability (HA) mode), with each tenant having their own separate templates and template stacks, device groups, and access domains.
Existing or future non-multitenant deployments are not affected by multitenancy and will continue to function normally. We recommend that you enable multitenancy only if your organization has a need to manage multiple tenants in Prisma Access.
Follow this workflow to create multiple tenants in Panorama for Prisma Access:
This section only provides the tasks you perform to configure tenants for remote networks, mobile users, or a combination of remote network and mobile user deployments. To configure the Clean Pipe service, see Create and Configure Prisma Access for Clean Pipe.

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