Delete a Tenant

To delete a tenant, complete the following task.
While you can delete all tenants in a multitenant deployment, you cannot delete the admin-level Prisma Access configuration where you add or delete tenants.
  1. Select the tenant, and delete all configuration associated with it.
    This includes any Service Connection, Mobile User, Remote Network, or Clean Pipe configuration.
  2. Commit and Push your changes to Prisma Access.
    1. Select
      Push to Devices
    2. Edit Selections
      , and make sure that all the components you deleted (including Remote Networks, Mobile Users, Service Setup, Explicit Proxy, and Clean Pipe, depending on your deployment) are selected.
    3. Click
  3. Select
    Cloud Services
    , select the tenant, then
    Deleting a tenant also deletes any public IP addresses Prisma Access has assigned for service connections, remote networks, and mobile users.
    When you delete a tenant, Prisma Access deletes the template and device group set for which you are licensed, but does not delete the unlicensed set. For example, if you have a Prisma Access for Users license and delete a tenant, Prisma Access deletes the mobile user-related template stacks, templates, and device groups but does not delete the set it created for the unlicensed Prisma Access for Networks. You can manually delete these unused template and device group sets after you delete the tenant.
  4. Select
    Commit to Panorama
    your changes.

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