How the GlobalProtect App Selects a Prisma Access Location for Mobile Users

When a mobile user connects to a Prisma Access location, the app uses the following selection process to determine to which location it connects.
You enable the mobile user locations where you want Prisma Access to be present during mobile user onboarding. If you do not select the location during onboarding, Prisma Access does not use it in your deployment.
  • If the mobile user connects in a country that has a Prisma Access location, the user connects to the location in that country.
  • If the mobile user cannot connect to an in-country location for any reason, Prisma Access selects from one or more of the following mobile user locations to connect the user based on region:
    • Asia, Australia & Japan
      : India West, Japan Central, Singapore, Taiwan
    • Africa, Europe & Middle East
      : Finland, Germany Central, Netherlands Central, UK
    • North America & South America
      : Brazil South, Canada East, US Central, US Northeast
    Palo Alto Networks recommends that you add these locations in their respective regions during mobile user onboarding to provide redundancy.
  • Prisma Access has designated the following locations as alternative (fallback) locations. If mobile users cannot access in-country or in-region locations, Prisma Access connects mobile users to one of the following locations:
    • Bahrain
    • France North
    • Hong Kong
    • Ireland
    • Netherlands Central
    • South Africa West
    • South Korea
    • US Northwest
    Palo Alto Networks strongly recommends that you enable at least one of these locations during mobile user onboarding.
  • Palo Alto Networks recommends that you enable locations in more than one compute location for redundancy purposes.
  • If you use on-premises gateways with Prisma Access locations, you can specify priorities in Prisma Access to let mobile users connect to either a specific on-premises GlobalProtect gateway or a Prisma Access location. See Manage Priorities for Prisma Access and On-Premises Gateways for details.
  • When mobile users connect, the GlobalProtect app does not use the following Prisma Access locations in the automatic gateway selection process, even if you selected the Prisma Access locations in the plugin during onboarding. However, mobile users can still manually select one of these locations and set it as a preferred location (gateway) as long as you allow them to manually select those locations during mobile user onboarding:
    • Australia: Australia East and Australia South
    • Brazil: Brazil East and Brazil Central
    • Canada: Canada Central
    • France: France South
    • Germany: Germany North and Germany South
    • India: India North and India South
    • Mexico: Mexico West
    • Netherlands: Netherlands South
    • Pakistan: Pakistan West
    • Russia: Russia Northwest
    • Spain: Spain East

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