Report Website Access Issues

Some websites such as,, or, block traffic from the cloud IP address range. When users who are secured by Prisma Access attempt to access these websites, they can be denied access with the following message on the web browser:
Access Denied.
You don't have permission to access "" on this server
. Reference #18.7f955b8.1509600370.44eb7c8
To report this problem, enter from a web browser and provide the URL of the website that is inaccessible. After 24-48 hours, return to and enter the same URL to see its status.
Palo Alto Networks reviews all reported sites. If an access issue is found, Palo Alto Networks categorizes the site and adds an egress policy which changes the IP address of the site. When users access a site using a different IP address, their first attempt might be unsuccessful because the client is expected to receive a TCP RST packet, which causes modern browsers to auto-retry the connection and successfully load the site.
If, after 48 hours, the website continues to be blocked even after a retry operation, verify that you have configured security policy to allow the user to access the specific website/web category. After confirming that your acceptable use policy allows the requested web content, open a Support Case with Palo Alto Networks Technical Support for assistance with the impacted traffic flow, specifying the steps taken to isolate the issue.

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