Notifications and Alerts for Panorama, Cloud Services Plugin, and PAN-OS Dataplane Versions

View the Panorama, Cloud Services plugin, and dataplane versions for Prisma Access.
Prisma Access consists of components you manage such as Panorama and the Cloud Services plugin, components that Prisma Access manages such as the dataplane version, and components that Prisma Access manages but whose version you can control (the GlobalProtect app version hosted on the Prisma Access portal). The Service Setup page (
Cloud Services
Service Setup
shows you the status of these components in a single page. This page also contains notifications that show you when your current running Panorama version and plugin versions will be end of support (EoS) for use with Prisma Access. Palo Alto networks provides you with advance notice of EoS dates to give your organization sufficient time to plan the upgrade.
All dates are in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
The Service Setup page provides you with the following information:
Panorama Alert
Displays the current Panorama version that you are running. The
Upgrade requirements
area provides you with information about Panorama versions, including dates when currently compatible Panorama versions reach their end of support (EoS) dates for managing Prisma Access. Use this information to plan your Panorama upgrade in advance of its EoS date.
Plugin Alert
Displays the current Cloud Services plugin that is installed on the Panorama that manages Prisma Access. The
Upgrade requirements
area provides you with dates when the next plugin version will be released, the deadline for upgrading to the next plugin, and the date when you will not be able to make changes and commits using the earlier plugin version. Use this information to plan for the next Cloud Services plugin upgrade.
Prisma SD-WAN Integration Status
Integrate with Prisma SD-WAN
to activate the CloudBlade thin client that allows functionality between Prisma SD-WAN and Prisma Access.
This link is reserved for a Prisma Access integration with Prisma SD-WAN that will be supported at a later date.
Generate Certificate for GlobalProtect App Log Collection and Autonomous DEM
If you have enabled GlobalProtect App Log Collection for Troubleshooting, or to enable Autonomous Digital Experience Management (ADEM) for your mobile users, click here to generate a certificate. This certificate allows GlobalProtect app to authenticate with Cortex Data Lake (to collect logs) and Autonomous DEM. When you generate the certificate, Prisma Access also downloads the certificate to the
Device Certificates
in Panorama
Certificate Management
Device Certificates
under the 
template in the
GlobalProtect App Activation
Displays the currently-running (active) version of the GlobalProtect app that mobile users can download from the Prisma Access portal, and shows you the available GlobalProtect app versions to which you can upgrade. See Select the Active GlobalProtect App Version for details.
Dataplane PAN-OS version
Displays the current PAN-OS version that your dataplane is running. The dataplane is the component of the Prisma Access infrastructure that enables traffic inspection and security policy enforcement on your network and user traffic.
Share/Delete Contact Information
Allows you to share contact information (Company name, contact name, email, and phone number) so that you can be contacted about Palo Alto Networks service upgrades.
If you have previously entered contact information, you can delete the information you entered in this area.
Do not use any of the following special characters in the contact information area:
  • " (Double quotes)
  • ' (Apostrophe)
  • < (less than sign)
  • > (greater than sign)
  • & (ampersand)

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