SaaS Application Visibility on SaaS Security API

Use SaaS application visibility on SaaS Security API to gain better awareness of the sanctioned and unsanctioned usage and traffic on your network.
SaaS Visibility
is the default visibility view on SaaS Security API for tenants provisioned before June 2, 2021 and on US and EU (not UK) regions only. This feature is no longer available for tenants provisioned after June 2, 2021. For inline policy enforcement on your network, more granular control over SaaS application usage and user activity, greater analytics, and a large increase in the number of discovered SaaS applications, use SaaS Security Inline.
As your users adopt more SaaS applications, you need better visibility into usage, granular control over access, and compliance and security for your data in the cloud application. To help meet the challenge of understanding what is happening on your network (inline enforcement) and cloud applications (API-based protection), SaaS Security API can access your next-generation firewall or Prisma Access logs stored in Cortex Data Lake (CDL), and combine that data with SaaS Security API data to present a consolidated view of sanctioned and unsanctioned application usage across your enterprise.
Application visibility on SaaS Security API provides a list of all applications in use on your network, along with a description of each application, its characteristics, data on the number of users, bytes transferred, and number of sessions to learn about the application usage statistics. You can also learn about if an unsanctioned application is being used, if there are alternative sanctioned applications in use, and which groups of people are using the unsanctioned application.
This visibility will enable you to assess whether you need to secure and sanction other apps or talk with your firewall administrator to block access to these applications and minimize data security risk for the enterprise. You can continue to use the SaaS Security API dashboard to deliver complete visibility and granular enforcement across all user, folder, and file activity within sanctioned SaaS applications.

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