View Remediation Activity Logs

Monitor how incidents are remediated on SaaS Security API by viewing remediation activity logs.
You can proactively monitor incident remediation logs to track activity on SaaS Security API. These logs enable you to:
  • Audit the progress of automatic remediation.
  • Track how incidents were addressed.
The logs include actions taken automatically by SaaS Security API and actions taken by asset owners and administrators.
  1. Select
    Remediation Activity
  2. Filter the list and narrow the results to meet your audit needs.
    Filter by
    Time frame when the remediation activity occurred.
    Any Action Taken
    Remediation action taken on the asset.
    All Rules
    Policy rule that discovered the risk.
    Any Action Taker
    Asset owners and Administrator (or service) that performed the action. To view all activity by an administrator, browse the admin activity log.
    SaaS Security
    to view remediation activity that was done automatically as part of a policy rule.
    Part of filename or user name.
  3. Export this data to a CSV file to review the remediation logs offline.

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