Delete SaaS Policy Rule Recommendations

Learn how to delete SaaS rule recommendations.
You can delete any previously enabled recommendations. In doing so, the state of the recommendation changes on the firewall or Prisma Access from
. However, for auditing reasons, the inactive recommendation persists in the firewall web interface or Prisma Access web interface, even after the firewall administrator or Prisma SaaS administrator deletes the associated policy rule.
If you’re able to modify the existing recommendation to meet your needs, do so instead of deleting it because your firewall administrator or Prisma SaaS administrator must manually delete the policy rule, HIP objects, and HIP profile associated with the recommendation. The process is manual by design: for security reasons, deleting a policy rule must be intentional.
  1. Navigate to SaaS Security Inline.
  2. Select
    Policy Recommendations
  3. Select the SaaS policy rule recommendation, then click the delete icon.

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