Get Started with SaaS Security API

Start using SaaS Security API to analyze your data and proactively detect issues such as data exposure or compliance policy violations.
SaaS Security API protects against cloud‑based threats by scanning and analyzing all your assets and applying Security policy to identify exposures, external collaborators, risky user behavior, and sensitive documents and identifying the potential risks associated with each asset.
The following workflow is designed to facilitate effective SaaS policy. Follow the tasks below in the order that they are listed.
  • Activate SaaS Security API.
  • Configure basic settings on SaaS Security, including language and time zone, if you haven’t already.
  • Set up SaaS Security API.
  • Identify your sanctioned SaaS apps, then add them to SaaS Security API.
  • Create SaaS policy.
  • Monitor the results, then fine-tune your SaaS policy as needed.

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