View Asset Snippets for Data Violations on SaaS Security API

Learn how to analyze the content that triggered a match on SaaS Security API.
Snippets for violations result in suboptimal performance. Currently, this feature is turned off while the SaaS Security team works to improve snippet performance.
A snippet is evidence or identifiable information associated with a pattern match. To properly assess a data violation, view the snippet of text to determine what sensitive content triggered the data violation. SaaS Security API displays snippets for data violations based on data masking and the Confidence Level defined in the data profile.
  1. Log in to SaaS Security.
  2. Select
    Data Violations
  3. Click on the row for the data violation to display the record .
  4. Observe the snippet that displays in the record.
  5. Click
    View content
    to go to the asset on the SaaS app.
  6. (
    ) Manage the data violation, now that you’ve assessed it.

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