Supported File Types for WildFire Analysis

Learn about the file type categories that SaaS Security API supports for WildFire analysis.
SaaS Security API supports the file type categories listed below for Wildfire analysis. SaaS Security API sends files to WildFire to scan for malware. For the supported categories listed below, SaaS Security API supports all WildFire file types.
The following table lists the supported file categories. The example file types do not represent a complete lists—rather, commonly used formats: this list changes as the underlying technology supports new file types. Use the examples to gauge the scope of the file categories.
File Type Support for WildFire Analysis
File Type Category
WildFire Analysis Support
Example File Types
Android application package
apk, ETC.
Adobe Flash
.swf, ETC.
Java Archive
jar, ETC.
Microsoft Office
docx, xlsx, pptx, ooxml, ETC.
Portable executable
pe, exe, ETC.
Portable Document Format
pdf, ETC.
Mac OS X
dmg, pkg, ETC.
rar, 7z, ETC.
elf, ETC.
bat, js, vbs, ps1, ETC.

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