Monitor Services on SaaS Security API

Learn about the services for which SaaS Security API reports availability and performance.
SaaS Security API enables you to monitor the availability and performance of services on which SaaS Security API depends. SaaS Security API continuously performs health checks for Core, DLP, and WildFire services and reports this information as status updates in the SaaS Security web interface using color-coded availability and performance indicators and optional alert notifications.
In most cases, you do not need to take action on degraded or unavailable services because SaaS Security Technical Support continuously monitors the health of your services.

Verify Status for Core, DLP, and WildFire Services

SaaS Security API monitors Core service, DLP service, and WildFire service and displays service status and related details. A browser reload displays the most recent information.
  1. Select
    Cloud App and Scan Settings
    Service Performance Status
  2. Observe
    Status Details
    Move your cursor over
    Status Details
    to display information about the impact on your end users, possible causes, and actions you can perform to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.
    Status of the service. The impact, causes, and resolution depend on the service.
    • Up
      —Service is operating normally.
    • Down
      —Critical services are unavailable.
    • Degraded
      —Service is not operating at optimal performance.
    Status Details
    Instructions to help you understand the status and, if applicable, resolve issues with the service.
    Last Status Check
    Elapsed time since last status check for the service indicated. Status checks are based on short intervals to ensure up-to-date status information.

Add Alert Notifications

Alerts enable recipients to monitor SaaS Security API services in real-time. SaaS Security API generates and sends to recipients an email notification when a Core, WildFire, or DLP service is in a
state. To minimize the number of emails a recipient receives, SaaS Security API sends one consolidated email for each state. A recipient does not need to have a SaaS Security admin account to receive such alerts.
  1. Select
    Cloud Apps and Settings
    Add Recipients to Alerts
  2. Position the toggle to enable alerts.
  3. Enter comma separated list of email addresses to which you want to send alert notifications, then

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