Generate the SaaS Risk Assessment Report

Use the SaaS Risk Assessment Report to proactively identify problems with how assets are stored and shared across all applications secured by the Aperture service and take action to reduce exposure. You can share this on-demand PDF report with your information security team for a periodic check-in, or email it to your executives to highlight SaaS applications usage on your network and how your security posture for SaaS data and applications compares against competitors in your industry. In addition to a summary on key findings, the report summarizes information on policy violations, captures how sensitive content is exposed, lists the top domains with which your users are sharing files, identifies users with the most incidents, and enumerates the most popular file types and incidents per file type across managed cloud applications.
  1. Select ReportsSaaS Risk Assessment Report.
  2. Generate Report Now and the report will be emailed to you (the logged in administrator). You can then use your email application to forward this report to your C-level executives. In addition to sending an email to you, the Aperture service adds a link to the page so that you can regenerate the same report if required.
    You can neither configure a time period nor schedule this on-demand report. The contents of the report use the data available at the time you generate it, and it is a snapshot of the findings up to the time you make the request.

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