Define Your Internal Domains

Add internal domains to Prisma SaaS to determine if an asset is being shared externally with an untrusted user.
One of the first things you need to do is to define your internal domains. Prisma SaaS uses the list of internal domains you define to determine if the Collaborators on an asset are internal to your company, or if the asset shared with external users. Prisma SaaS determines this by matching the domain name in a collaborator’s email address against the list of internal domains defined. Depending on your policy rules, Prisma SaaS may identify an asset as an incident if shared with external users.
Because Prisma SaaS uses the internal domains list to determine the Exposure Level of an asset during the scan process, you must define your internal domains list before you begin scanning your cloud apps.
The Internal Domains list applies to all cloud apps on Prisma SaaS so you must be an administrator with a Super User role or an Admin with access to all apps to modify this setting.
  1. Select
    Cloud Apps & Scan Settings
  2. Enter a comma-separated list of your
    Internal Domains
  3. Save
    your changes.

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