Prisma SaaS Policy

Learn about the tools Prisma SaaS offers to help you define policies that identify sensitive information and monitor activity.
Prisma SaaS policy gives you the controls to manage assets, user activity, third-party apps and security controls across the different cloud SaaS and IaaS applications that the service supports. The different types of policy rules that you can configure are:
  • Asset Rules
    —Asset policy enables you to identify issues with data governance. To know about what type of content is stored in the cloud app and who has access to it, content security rules use data patterns and match criteria to automatically discover activity in your sanctioned SaaS applications and remediate incidents around data segregation, personal and financial information, intellectual property, malware, data breaches, and sensitive documents in your organization. See Asset Rules
  • User Activity Rules
    —User activity policy enables you to identify abnormal behavior. To know about unusual user activity or compliance violations, you can use match criteria to monitor activity such as downloading or exporting data out of the SaaS application, set the activity threshold that triggers a policy violation, and track the IP address where the activity was initiated. See User Activity Rules
  • Security Control Rules
    —Security controls policy enables you to define rules that monitor email activity in SaaS applications and proper configuration in IaaS applications to prevent data exfiltration and exposure. These rules unlike the content security policy focus on administrators of an application instead of users. See Security Control Rules
  • Third-party apps Rules
    —Third-Party Apps policy enables you to detect and remediate any non-compliant third-party apps to prevent data exfiltration or unauthorized access. See Third-Party App Settings
For a list of file types that the service can scan for issues, see Supported File Types, and see Supported SaaS Applications to learn what type of content is scanned for each application and what actions are available.
As Prisma SaaS starts scanning your cloud apps, use the
to review information about the assets, content types, incidents, users, policy violations, collaborators, and domains that the service discovers during the scan. See Monitor Scan Results on the Dashboard.

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