View and Filter Data Pattern Match Results

Learn how to filter the match results for data patterns and create an incident threshold on Prisma SaaS.
When you Configure Data Patterns, you define the criteria that the policy rule uses when scanning for matches. Prisma SaaS compares all the information it discovers against the enabled data pattern and identifies match occurrences. From the match results, you can focus on a match to filter and determine if the number of occurrences meet an incident threshold.
  1. Filter data pattern match results with occurrence match counting.
    WildFire and machine learning data patterns do not have occurrences to specify in Match Criteria.
    1. Select
      to configure occurrence match counting to view pattern match results and adjust the threshold.
    2. Select the content
      to view.
    3. Enter the numerical value in
      in the selected category, and click
      to view the filtered results.
    For basic data patterns, you can Assess Incidents and remediate the occurrences. For weighted data patterns, you can calculate the unique occurrence against the weight threshold to determine a score. See Calculate a weighted regular expression

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