Prisma SaaS Supported File Types

Prisma SaaS extracts metadata and textual content for more than 100 file formats including the following commonly used formats:
  • Hyper Text Markup Language—HTML, XHTML
  • XML and derived formats—OOXML
  • Microsoft Office document formats—complete list including both the OLE-based and XML-based formats (for example DOC and DOCX)
  • Source code
  • Mail formats—including MS Exchange, MS Outlook, PST, and RFC 822
  • Executable programs and libraries—windows executables and Linux/BSD binaries
  • Open Document Format
  • iWorks document formats—Numbers, Pages and keynote
  • Portable Document Format—PDF
  • Electronic Publication Format—ePub
  • Rich Text Format—RTF
  • Compression and packaging format—tar, rar, zip, 7zip
  • Text formats
  • Feed and Syndication formats
  • Help formats—chm
  • Java class files and archives—jar
  • Font formats
Visit Apache Tika to view a complete list of supported file types by Prisma SaaS.

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