Supported SaaS Applications

Prisma SaaS provides a consistent security policy for your applications to detect data exfiltration and malware propagation.
SaaS applications are cloud apps owned and managed by an application service provider, but you retain full control of the data, including who can create, access, share, and transfer information stored in the hosted application. Although most SaaS applications allow you to configure rules about sharing and exposing data, rules vary from application to application, which makes it challenging to ensure consistent security policy across all applications, assets, and users.
Prisma SaaS provides centralized policy and enforcement for your applications so you can protect your corporate data at all times. The service scans content to detect data exfiltration and malware propagation, monitors user activity, and provides activity-based alerting to notify you of malicious or risky behavior. This visibility allows you to assess incidents, quarantine users and data, and remediate any violations to protect against threats caused by malware, inadvertent sharing, excessive permissions, and data exposure.
  • Scan support
    —The following table lists the SaaS applications that Prisma SaaS supports, the versions supported, and briefly describes what type of content is scanned for each application.
  • Remediation support
    —The remediation options that Prisma SaaS supports varies by SaaS application. Refer to Supported Applications with Remediation.
SaaS Application
Versions Supported
Amazon S3
On the Simple Storage Service(S3), Prisma SaaS scans files in S3 buckets.
Amazon Web Services
Prisma SaaS has deprecated support for the Amazon Web Services app. To continue monitoring your resources deployed on AWS, try Prisma Cloud.
Business Plus
On Box, the cloud-based file-sharing and collaboration application, you can scan data in files and folders.
Cisco Webex Teams
On Webex Teams, the cloud-based teamwork application that supports file sharing and secure messaging, you can scan data in files and messages.
If you are using the Standard service plan for Cisco Webex Teams, consider upgrading to the Pro Pack service plan before you add the app to Prisma SaaS. The Pro Pack plan provides visibility into events such as messages and files posted on the app, and users added to spaces, occurring more than 90 days ago.
Citrix Sharefile
Virtual Data Room
On Citrix ShareFile, a file synchronization and storage service, you can scan files and folders.
Confluence Cloud
On Confluence, the centralized platform for knowledge sharing, document management, project planning, you can scan pages and attachments.
Business Standard
On Dropbox, a personal cloud storage service used for file sharing and collaboration, you can scan files and folders.
You can scan all files (source code and intellectual property) stored on this collaborative web-based service.
On the Gmail application, you can scan email content and attachments and identify if users have configured email forwarding rules in their Inbox.
Google Cloud Platform
On Google Cloud Platform, you can scan projects, buckets, and files.
Google Drive
On Google Drive, the cloud storage and file backup application, you can scan files and folders. Both My Drive and Shared Drives are supported.
G Suite Marketplace
On the Business and Enterprise versions of G-Suite Marketplace you can scan 3rd party apps.
Cloud version
On Jive, the commercial collaboration and knowledge management tool, you can scan questions, discussions, documents, blogs, files, and comments.
Microsoft Azure Storage
On Microsoft Azure Storage, you can scan storage accounts, containers, and files. Prisma SaaS provides activity monitoring, activity-based alerting, remediation.
Microsoft Exchange
Home and Firstline Workforce are not supported
On Microsoft Exchange you can scan email content and attachments. Prisma SaaS also allows you to identify users who have configured email retention policies other than those policies configured by the corporate administrator, and if users have configured email forwarding rules in their Inbox.
Office 365
Home and Firstline Workforce are not supported
You can scan files and folders on all versions of OneDrive and SharePoint.
On the Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) service, Prisma SaaS scans both structured and unstructured content. While Prisma SaaS stores the metadata for all unstructured files, it stores structured file data selectively. For example, a Salesforce Chatter message has structured data and is stored only when the content in the message matches a defined data pattern but an attachment on Salesforce Chatter has unstructured data, so Prisma SaaS scans the attachment and stores the metadata.
Slack for Enterprise
On the cloud-based team collaboration tool, Slack, you can scan messages and attachments.
Prisma SaaS enables you to scan tables and attachments on ServiceNow.
Workplace by Facebook
On Workplace, the collaborative enterprise platform run by Facebook, you can scan posts, comments, and files.
Prisma SaaS can scan messages and attachments on this collaboration tool included with Office 365.

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