Security Control Rules

Learn about the security control rules on SaaS Security API.
Security control rules on SaaS Security API enable you to define and enforce policy rules for monitoring settings and activities so you can automatically detect and remediate risks around data exfiltration, exposure, or risky user behavior.
SaaS Security API supports the following types of security controls:
Security Control Setting Type
Administrative Access of End Users Inbox
Identifies administrators who have access to an end users inbox. The
Admin Email
lists the email address of the administrator and the
User Email
lists the email address of the user whose inbox can be accessed by the administrator.
Email Forwarding Rule
Identifies Corporate emails that are forwarded to personal email domains.
Rule Name
identifies the email forwarded and the email address is listed in
Forwarded Email Address
Email Public Folder
Identifies exposed public folders that users can access within the Enterprise, and
Folder Name
Folder Owner
to exclude.
Email Retention
Identifies user-generated email retention settings that vary from the Corporate Administrator policy settings.

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