Create a Custom Email Template

Learn how to create a custom email template.
Custom email templates save you time and enable you to define consistent messages:
  • When you email asset owners, you can create email templates so that you don’t need to compose each email separately for each notification you send.
  • All administrators who assess and remediate risks can use the same templates and thereby reflect one voice.
By default, there is one predefined email template named
Sensitive file in public folder
that you can use as is or modify. You can also create additional templates as needed.
When you create a template, use the following variables in the
Body Text
fields of the template. SaaS Security API automatically replaces the specific values from the risk details before sending the email to the asset owner.
Template Variable
The Name associated with your admin account.
The cloud app in which SaaS Security API identified the risk.
The cloud app user who owns the asset identified as at risk.
Use the following procedure to create an email template:
  1. Select
    Email Templates
  2. Add Template
  3. Enter a descriptive
    Template Name
    to help administrators understand when to use the template.
  4. (
    ) Enter the
    Body Text
    to include in every email notification that uses this template. You can use any of the template variables in either of these fields.
  5. (
    ) Select
    Include logo in the email footer
  6. Save
    the template.
    You can now use the template to email the file owner.

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