What’s SaaS Security?

Learn about the advantages of SaaS Security over legacy CASBs.
Security teams like yours are challenged with protecting the growing availability of sanctioned and unsanctioned SaaS applications and maintaining compliance consistently in the cloud while stopping threats to sensitive information, users, and resources.
SaaS Security is an integrated CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) solution that:
  • Provides visibility and control over all your shadow IT risks.
  • Secures SaaS applications from known and unknown cloud threats.
  • Protects sensitive data and ensures compliance across all SaaS applications.
  • Allows access to corporate apps only for legitimate users.
Use SaaS Security Inline to discover and manage risks posed by
SaaS apps while you rely on SaaS Security API to scan assets in the cloud space for at-rest detection, inspection, and remediation across all user, folder, and file activity within
SaaS applications.
SaaS Security
SaaS Security Inline
SaaS Security API
Prisma SaaS
) combined—you have an integrated CASB solution that offers better security outcomes without the complexity of third-party integrations and the overhead and cost of managing large number of vendors that exist with legacy CASBs.

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