Activate Prisma SaaS on the Hub

Follow these steps to active Prisma SaaS and begin monitoring your sanctioned SaaS applications.
For SaaS visibility and granular enforcement across all user, folder, and file activity within sanctioned SaaS application usage in your enterprise, you must set up the Prisma SaaS app on the hub. After the set up is complete, you can secure access to your sanctioned SaaS application, and configure policy to suit your needs.
  1. Setup Prisma SaaS on the hub.
    1. Log in to the hub.
      After the order fulfillment has completed, log in to the hub using your Palo Alto Networks Customer Support Portal (CSP) credentials.
    2. Select the Prisma SaaS tile.
    3. Enter an
      Instance Name
      to identify this app instance, and provide an optional
    4. Select the Prisma SaaS instance deployment
    5. Read the EULA and
      Agree & Activate
  2. Your instance should be ready for you in approximately 30 minutes.

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