Activate a License for Cloud-Managed Prisma Access Through the
Prisma SASE Platform

Learn about cloud-managed Prisma Access single tenant license activation through the
Prisma SASE Platform
Verify if this single tenant activation process applies to you. If you are a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) or distributed enterprise customer, Activate a License for Prisma Access Multitenant. If you are trying to activate a CASB license on cross platforms,
After you receive an email from Palo Alto Networks identifying the license you are activating, including all your add-ons and capacities,
Get Started with Prisma SASE
to begin the activation process.
To activate a license for single tenant cloud-managed Prisma Access, select
Get Started with Prisma SASE
in your email and then complete the following tasks.
  1. Select the activation flow for
    Single Tenant / Panorama
    • Use
      Single Tenant / Panorama
      for first-time single tenant activation:
    • Use
      Single Tenant / Panorama
      for return visits to single tenant license activation:
  2. Provide your work email address
    Create your password
    , and select
    • If you have a Palo Alto Networks Customer Support account, then enter the email address you used when you registered for that account.
    • If you do not have a Palo Alto Networks Customer Support account, then
      Create a New Account
  3. You are automatically directed to
    Common Services
    Subscription & Add-ons
    , where you manage your license.
  4. Select your products to highlight them for activation, then
  5. Select
    from the tenant drop-down to create the tenant that you want to use for this license.
  6. Select
    Cortex Data Lake
    to use.
  7. Choose the
    SASE Region
    for the logs.
  8. Cloud-Managed
    is selected by default.
  9. Add-ons
    are enabled by default based on your contract. Use the following settings for the CASB Bundle:
    • Create New
      to create a running instance of the service.
    • URL Subnet
      is the URL to launch the corresponding service UI.
    Note that in a single tenant implementation, it is possible to consolidate multiple DLP instances (such as CASB, NGFW, and Prisma Cloud) under one Customer Support Portal account and one tenant, but it is not possible to split one DLP license across multiple CSPs or tenants. However, it is possible to have multiple individual DLPs associated with different CSPs or different tenants.
  10. Agree to the Terms and Conditions
  11. Activate Now
    . The products and add-ons that you are activating (such as Prisma Access or Cortex Data Lake) are now provisioned. As the subscriptions are activating, the progress status will display. When the process is complete, the tenant status displays
    . You now have a tenant provisioned with instances of the products that you purchased. The tenant has one user — the Customer Support account that you used when you began this process.
  12. Launch
    automatically directs you to your product.

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