Register and Activate Aperture Licenses

Learn how to register and activate your Aperture licenses.
Aperture provides a holistic approach to securing your SaaS applications and cloud services infrastructure by offering you a variety of security licenses including Aperture all app security and cloud storage security. With the Aperture service, you can:
  • Discover and assess risks with the Aperture all app license to prevent malware propagation and data exfiltration with advanced machine learning and DLP. The service provides complete visibility across all user and data activity, along with detailed analysis helping you transition from speculation to certainty about what’s happening at any given point in time with your SaaS apps. This allows you to proactively and automatically remediate risks.
  • Leverage the storage security license to secure your blobs, buckets, containers, folders, and objects. The service provides data loss prevention and malware protection for assets stored in AWS S3, Microsoft Azure storage, and Google Cloud Storage.
Before you can begin using Aperture to secure your SaaS applications and public cloud services infrastructure, you must register and activate your Aperture support license on the Customer Support Portal (CSP).

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