Public Cloud Services Infrastructure Security Licenses

Use the Aperture public cloud infrastructure security licenses to enable data loss prevention and malware protection for blobs, buckets, containers, and folders.
The Public Cloud Services Infrastructure Security Licenses support storage security, monitoring, and compliance:
  • Public Cloud Storage Security—Gain bucket and blob visibility and control for your AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Storage. You can use the service to identify and remove public buckets and blobs from inadvertent exposure or use, prevent the propagation of malware and data exfiltration with advanced machine learning and DLP, and view an audit trail for stored buckets and blobs to detect anomalies.
  • Public Cloud Monitoring—It is important you continuously monitor your cloud environment for application changes as misconfigurations often arise, and your cloud infrastructure begins to drift away from best practices and original settings. With Public Cloud Monitoring using the Evident service, you can continuously monitor your environment to immediately detect suspicious changes and activities and check against hundreds of customizable security best practices. If the default best practices are insufficient for your specific needs, you can create a custom signature to automatically validate against a set of best practices you define and then displays an alert when this validation fails, or the signature determines there is a potential security risk. For example, to tag your EC2 instances with information for your accounting department, you can write a custom signature to validate the accounting tags.
  • Public Cloud Compliance Report—With the Evident service, you can validate compliance of your cloud deployments with reports spanning industry standards such as CIS, HIPAA, SOC2, PCI, NIST, and ISO with the Public Cloud Compliance Report. You can also create custom compliance modules to maintain compliance with established regulations, specifications, or legislation of your own internal cloud security control framework.
    You must enable the Monitoring license to view the compliance report as compliance reports are based on latest information from the continuous security monitoring service.
By using the continuous security monitoring data collected by the service and the compliance report views, you can eliminate the manual work of compliance assessment. With one button simplicity, you can access the needed compliance report and then spend more time mitigating risks and addressing the gaps found. Monitoring and compliance reports are available to export in formats relevant to auditors, such as .csv and .pdf.

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