Integrate Prisma Access With Other Palo Alto Networks Apps

While Prisma Access requires and relies on Cortex Data Lake for log storage, there are other Palo Alto Networks apps that integrate with Prisma Access, including:
  • Cloud Identity Engine (Directory Sync)
    The Cloud Identity Engine gives Prisma Access read-only access to your Active Directory information, so that you can easily set up and manage security and decryption policies for users and groups. It also enables certain Reports, like the user activity report. Cloud Identity Engine is free and you do not need an auth code to activate it on the hub.
  • Prisma SaaS
    —Integrate Prisma SaaS with Prisma Access for Clientless VPN and authentication support.
Apps that you integrate with Cloud Managed Prisma Access must be deployed in the same region you deployed Prisma Access and Cortex Data Lake. You can integrate these apps with Prisma Access during activation, or anytime after activation. Here’s how:
  • Integrate with a new Prisma Access instance (during Prisma Access activation):
    Activating Prisma Access from the hub includes the option to specify other apps to integrate with Prisma Access. The Cloud Identity Engine app instance you choose must be deployed in the same region you are deploying Prisma Access.
  • Integrate with an existing Prisma Access instance (anytime after Prisma Access activation):
    To integrate an app with an existing Prisma Access instance, go to the hub settings (see the gear on the top menu bar) and select
    Manage Apps
    . Find the Prisma Access instance you want to update, and select the Directory Sync or Prisma SaaS instance you want Prisma Access to use.

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