App Acceleration in Prisma Access
Prisma Access

App Acceleration in Prisma Access

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App Acceleration in
Prisma Access

Learn how
Prisma Access
can speed up app performance using App Acceleration.
Where Can I Use This?
What Do I Need?
  • Prisma Access (Cloud Management)
  • Prisma Access (Panorama Managed)
  • A minimum
    Prisma Access
    version of 5.0 Innovation
  • App Acceleration Add-On License
    The App Acceleration license includes a 30 day evaluation license for Autonomous DEM (ADEM) so you can retrieve App Acceleration performance metrics from ADEM.
App Acceleration directly addresses the causes of poor app performance and acts in real-time to mitigate them, dramatically improving the user experience for
Prisma Access
GlobalProtect and Remote Network users.
When your users access apps, they can experience poor app performance that is caused by decreased throughput, which could be caused by degraded wireless connectivity, network congestion, and other factors. These networking issues can adversely affect the employee experience and reduce their productivity.
When the internet was conceived, networks were homogenous and wireless connectivity was in its infancy. Fundamental protocols like TCP were originally created for these networks. Today, networks are no longer homogenous and wireless connectivity creates a highly variable user experience. When users experience degraded network conditions, TCP cannot differentiate if the problem occurred because of device limitations, network limitations, or physical constraints. Without requiring any changes to your client configuration or applications, App Acceleration securely builds an understanding of the:
  • Device capability
    —The type of client endpoint
  • Network capability
    —The type of network
  • App Context
    — The type of app being used
Using its understanding of device, network and application context, App Acceleration maximizes throughput and adjusts in real-time to account for changing network conditions.
When compared to direct internet access, App Acceleration offers a marked throughput improvement for TCP traffic when connecting through
Prisma Access
You can view throughput improvements from App Acceleration in Prisma SASE Incidents and Alerts. AI-powered Autonomous DEM (ADEM) integrates with App Acceleration and provides you with metrics such as the number of applications that were accelerated and the performance boost gained overall.
App Acceleration is available for all
Prisma Access
locations with the exception of the following locations:
  • Bahrain
  • China
  • Ireland
  • South Africa West
  • Sweden
  • United Arab Emirates

Configure App Acceleration

Enable and configure App Acceleration by completing the following steps.
  1. (
    Panorama Managed Deployments Only
    ) Go to
    Cloud Services
    App Acceleration
    Get Started
    with App Acceleration.
  2. Go to
    App Acceleration
    from the left navigation bar.
    The App Acceleration window displays.
  3. Move the slider to the right to have App Acceleration be
    Enabled for all Mobile Users—GlobalProtect and Remote Networks
    App Acceleration is now enabled.
  4. (
    Show Advanced Options
    and change the metric testing parameters.
    • (
      ) To disable the performance metric testing, deselect
      Allow tests to collect performance metrics for Mobile Users
      Palo Alto Networks recommends that you enable metric collection to view the app performance improvements when using App Acceleration.
    • (
      ) To change the percentage of users for which predictive tests are processed from the default of 5%, select another percentage in the drop-down list and
      the changes.

View App Acceleration Metrics in AI-Powered ADEM

By default, synthetic tests are enabled to collect performance metrics and display them through AI-powered ADEM. These tests take approximately 24 hours to run for the first time. The tests run through a split tunnel and have no effect on your security posture.
To view the metrics, Go to
SASE Health
and view the ADEM performance metrics in the
Accelerated Applications
Monitored Applications
These tests take approximately 24 hours to run for the first time and you must have ADEM performance tests enabled to see them.
Applications view in these tabs:
  • Accelerated Applications
    —Provides App Acceleration data that is aggregated across all applications:
    Performance Boost
    The overall aggregate of acceleration computed by dividing acceleration speed up by pre-acceleration throughput. This metric is derived from ADEM synthetic test data comparing the throughput before acceleration with the throughput after acceleration.
    Applications Accelerated
    The total number of unique applications that were accelerated.
    Users Accelerated
    The total number of GlobalProtect and Remote Network mobile users that benefited from App Acceleration.
    Total Data Transfer
    The total data transfer across all of the apps that were accelerated. The displayed number includes the total number of bytes in and bytes out.
  • Monitored Applications
    —Provides information about the apps that are being monitored.

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