Cheat Sheet: SaaS Security on Prisma Access Cloud Management

Manage your organization’s shadow IT risks, secure SaaS applications from cloud threats, and ensure compliance across all SaaS applications.
This feature requires the
SaaS Security
add-on license for Prisma Access.
Identify cloud-based threats and risky user activity in sanctioned and unsanctioned apps with SaaS Security Inline.
SaaS Security Inline is built-in to Cloud Managed Prisma Access to give you a centralized view of network and CASB security. It offers SaaS visibility—which includes advanced analytics and reporting—so that your organization has the insights to understand the data security risks of sanctioned and unsanctioned SaaS application usage on your network.
Here’s everything you need to know to use SaaS Security with Prisma Access Cloud Management.

Get Started

Here’s how to get up and running with SaaS Security Inline on Prisma Access Cloud Management:

SaaS Policy Recommendations

To gain visibility into and control of SaaS applications, SaaS Security admins create SaaS rule recommendations with specific SaaS App-IDs provided by the App-ID Cloud Engine (ACE).
In Prisma Access Cloud Management, you can now review and choose to accept the rules that SaaS Security admins recommend. SaaS rule recommendations are added to your web access policy—you must have Web Security enabled to leverage SaaS rule recommendations.
Here’s how you can get started — review the workflow to review and accept SaaS policy recommendations here:
  1. SaaS Security admins create SaaS rule recommendations in the SaaS Security Inline app or directly in Prisma Access Cloud Management.
    ➡ In Prisma Access Cloud Management, go to
    Security Services
    SaaS Security
  2. You can review and import SaaS rule recommendations.
    ➡ Go to
    Web Security
    Web Access Policy
  3. The SaaS rule recommendations you’ve imported are labeled so you can easily identify them.

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