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All Available Apps and Services

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All Available Apps and Services

Many key Palo Alto Networks apps and services are natively built-in or are integrated with Prisma Access Cloud Management. See what’s available to you.
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Many key Palo Alto Networks apps and services are natively built-in or are integrated with Prisma Access Cloud Management. Some apps and services are available for all Prisma Access users; support for others might depend on your license type.
Here’s a list of all the apps and services that are available with Prisma Access.
Apps and Services that Are Available with Prisma Access
Security Services
URL Filtering
URL Filtering (URL Access Management) gives you a way to control not only web access, but how users interact with online content. PAN-DB—the URL Filtering cloud— classifies sites based on content, features, and safety, and you can enforce your security policy based on these URL categories. You can also prevent credential phishing theft by tightly controlling the types of sites to which users can enter their corporate credentials.
DNS Security
DNS Security is a continuously evolving threat prevention service designed to protect and defend your network from advanced threats using DNS. By leveraging advanced machine learning and predictive analytics, the service provides real-time DNS request analysis and rapidly produces and distributes DNS signatures that are specifically designed to defend against malware using DNS for C2 and data theft. Combined with an extensible cloud architecture, it provides access to a scalable threat intelligence system to keep your network protections up to date.
Threat Prevention
Threat Prevention defends your network against both commodity threats—which are pervasive but not sophisticated—and targeted, advanced threats perpetuated by organized cyber adversaries. Threat Prevention includes comprehensive exploit, malware, and command-and-control protection, and Palo Alto Networks frequently publishes updates that equip Prisma Access with the very latest threat intelligence. The Palo Alto Networks Threat Vault is built directly in to Prisma Access cloud management so you can easily check threat coverage.
WildFire and Antivirus protects against malware concealed in files, executables, and email links.
Prisma Access Cloud Management forwards files, executables, and email links to WildFire™ cloud service for analysis, and also performs inline ML analysis for certain files. WildFire analyzes files and email links to detect threats and create protections to block malware. When WildFire identifies a zero-day threat, it globally distributes protection for that threat in under five minutes.
Add-On Licenses
SaaS Security Inline
SaaS Security Inline is built-in to Cloud Managed Prisma Access to give you a centralized view of network and CASB security. SaaS Security Inline offers SaaS visibility—advanced analytics and reporting—so that your organization has the insights to understand the data security risks of sanctioned and unsanctioned SaaS application usage on your network.
Add-On Licenses
App Acceleration
App Acceleration directly addresses the causes of poor app performance and acts in real-time to mitigate them. The add-on securely optimizes each individual user session to drive the highest possible throughput, dramatically improving the user experience for Prisma Access GlobalProtect and Remote Network users. Additionally, it enriches AI-Powered ADEM with RUM (Real User Metrics) so you can easily see the performance boost in Strata Cloud Manager.
Remote Browser Isolation
Remote Browser Isolation
is a service that isolates and transfers browsing activity away from your users' devices and corporate networks to an outside entity such as Prisma Access, which secures and isolates potentially malicious code and content within their platform, and separates any threats from direct connections to end-user devices and networks.
Autonomous DEM
Provides native, end-to-end visibility and insights for all user traffic in your Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) environment. Autonomous DEM functionality is natively integrated into the GlobalProtect app and Prisma Access and therefore does not require you to deploy any additional appliances or agents. You can quickly isolate the source of digital experience problems, and simplify remediation.
AIOps-Powered ADEM is a Prisma Access add-on license that automates complex IT operations, to increase productivity and reduce time to resolution for issues. AIOps-Powered ADEM is supported in Cloud Management for all Prisma Access users, regardless of the interface you're using to manage Prisma Access (Panorama or Cloud Management). If you've enableSd AIOps-Powered ADEM license, then the license is auto enabled for all the compute locations.
Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) bundle includes SaaS Security Inline, Enterprise Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Inline, SaaS Security API, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) API, and SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM).
Next-Generation CASB-X
The Next-Generation Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB-X) license contains all the CASB components such as SaaS Security Inline, SaaS Security API, SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM), and Enterprise DLP. It can be applied on Cloud-Managed Prisma Access, Panorama Managed Prisma Access, and Panorama-Managed Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) devices in a single tenant environment.
Prisma SD-WAN is a cloud-delivered service that implements app-defined and autonomous SD-WAN to help you secure and connect your branch offices, data centers, and large campus sites without increasing cost and complexity.
Prisma SD-WAN leverages with a centralized controller-based model, enabling simple deployments at remote offices and data centers. You can view granular application-driven analytics, build a robust policy, and performance-based traffic management of the WAN.
Enterprise DLP
Data loss prevention (DLP) protects sensitive information against unauthorized access, misuse, extraction, or sharing. DLP on Prisma Access enables you to enforce your organization’s data security standards and prevent the loss of sensitive data across mobile users and remote networks.
IoT Security
IoT Security is an on-demand cloud subscription service designed to discover and protect the growing number of connected “things” on your network.
Net Interconnect
Net Interconnect for Remote Network-to-Remote Network and Mobile Users-to-Remote Network access (SD-WAN)
Private App Access
Additional Service Connections for Private App Access
Available for all License Types
Cortex Data Lake
All Prisma Access logs are stored in the Cortex Data Lake, providing centralized analysis, reporting, andforensics across all users, applications, and locations. In Prisma Access Cloud Management, you can go to Activity to view and interact with your logs. You can also use the Cortex Data Lake app on the hub to view logs and to set up log forwarding.
Cloud Identity Engine
Cloud Identity Engine gives Prisma Access read-only access to your Active Directory information, so that you can easily set up and manage security and decryption policies for users and groups. Cloud Identity Engine also enables certain Activity data and reports.
View and Monitor Prisma Access
Palo Alto Networks
Strata Cloud Manager
is an AI-powered Network Security platform. With
Strata Cloud Manager
, you can easily manage your Palo Alto Networks Network Security infrastructure from a single, streamlined user interface.
You can get comprehensive visibility across your network traffic and for the products and subscriptions you're managing using the Monitor and Workflows sections of
Strata Cloud Manager
and Monitor Prisma Access in Strata Cloud Manager.
Activity gives you monitoring and visibility into your network traffic, and surfaces key findings that you can use to inform policy updates and close enterprise security and user productivity gaps. Activity features include:
  • Log Viewer
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Offline reports for sharing

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