Get Started with Prisma Access

Learn about the different ways you can manage Prisma Access and find the resources you need to get started.
Prisma Access helps you deliver consistent security to your remote networks and mobile users. All your users, whether at your headquarters, branch offices, or on the road, connect to Prisma Access to safely use cloud and data center applications as well as the internet. Prisma Access delivers protection at scale with global coverage so you don’t have to worry about things like sizing and deploying firewalls at your branches, or building out and managing appliances in collocation facilities.
Palo Alto Networks provides two ways to deploy and manage Prisma Access: Prisma Access Cloud Management (with the Prisma Access app) and Panorama.
This guide is focused on getting started with Prisma Access Cloud Management. If you’re using Panorama, check here for more on Panorama Managed Prisma Access.
If you’re just getting started, make sure to also review:

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