GlobalProtect — Customize the Portal Address

Use your company domain in the Prisma Access portal address.
Prisma Access requires only the minimal settings to provision your mobile users environment so that you can test it. If you would prefer to use your company domain in the portal address, you can change the address after the initial environment setup.
By default, Prisma Access uses the domain to set up the Prisma Access portal address that your mobile users will need to connect to for secure access to the internet and your HQ and data centers. You must use this default domain when you initially set up and test your environment. If you want to customize the domain name after the initial setup to use your company domain, you can go back and edit the environment settings so that the portal address your users connect to contains your own company domain (for example,
To configure Prisma Access to use your own domain, you must:
  • Obtain certificates for the service.
  • Create a DNS CNAME entry on your DNS servers that maps the default portal address using the default domain to the custom portal address that uses your company domain. You need to do this because Prisma Access publishes the portal address you set up to public domain servers during initial provisioning.
  1. Select
    Prisma Access Setup
    and edit
    Infrastructure Settings
  2. Set the Portal Name Type to
    Custom Domain
  3. Enter the
    Portal Hostname
    you want to use.
  4. Add the
    Portal DNS CNAME
    to which to map your DNS server entries.
  5. Import
    you provisioned for your custom domain portal address.
    1. Select the certificate
      for the certificate you are importing:
      • Encrypted Private Key and Certificate (PKCS12)
        —The key and certificate are in a single container (Certificate File). Click
        Choose File
        and browse to the PKCS12 file to import.
      • Base64 Encoded Certificate (PEM)
        —If you select this option, you must import the
        Key File
        separately from the certificate. To import the PEM certificate and Key File, click
        Choose File
    2. Enter the
      to encrypt the key and
      Confirm Passphrase
      and then click
  6. If you have not already done so, configure your DNS servers to point to the Prisma Access DNS CNAME you defined.
  7. Save
    the environment setup and
    Push Config
    to Prisma Access.

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